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Hello there;


A little bit about us, we are a couple who live in Lincolnshire, UK. By chance we both have a connection with Africa and love its beauty and vibrance. We appreciate all that we have in our lives and recogonize that there are many people in this world who do not get the opportunities and privelege that we have living in the United Kingdom.


We feel lucky to live in a country where we have access to a National Health Service, a Benefits system, Social Housing , Social Services and many charitable and voluntary organisations that can offer support to almost every sector of our society.


However this led us to thinking about others in this world who suffer on a daily basis  and we simply want to help in some small way, Nations Together has been set up to do just that.

 Thank you   

           Keith & Laura


The History


In the UK, I (Laura) worked for a well-respected organisation who offers Supported Living Accommodation to people with learning difficulties and mental health issues. My role as a support worker was extremely rewarding; I had the priveledge of supporting many amazing people, my role was to  work towards achieving positive outcomes for the service users in person centered ways to promote  independence and confidence by offering support and opportunity. I had previously lived in Tanzania, East Africa for a period of six years and in that time worked alongside village elders, ten cell leaders, social workers and doctors in rural areas offering support, advice and help to many families who had a child/adult with a learning difficulty. For some the starkness and reality of their lives was overwhelming as they struggled on a day to basis with no infra structures to offer help or support with the fundamental needs of food, adequate housing, water,  clothing, educational needs, equipment, furniture, aids and adaptions, behavior strategies, medication and for some much needed life sustaining operations.  

The lack of support for parents, often dealing with confusion, guilt and ostracisation, was difficult to come to terms with.  Very few people with learning difficulties have a formal diagnosis, this attached to the stigma and social exclusion that many mothers and their children experience was and remains alien to our western mind set of equality and inclusion for all.



The Project



The project will offer trained community support workers to work with adults in their home environment with an objective to aid social inclusion and acceptance within local villages and tribes (Massai and Chagga). The community support workers will work to a person centered support plan which will encompass interests and wishes of the person they are supporting to aid independence and choice. Opportunity to experience new places and activities will be part of the support plans and this will be accessed through attending the Nations Together Activity Room which is co-ordinated by two staff members, lunch is provided and various activities offered.


For the future Nations Together  will aim to raise funds to build a multi functional Activity Centre where skills can be learnt to enhance independenc, interests employment and fun.  The focus being to enrich lives enabling service users to reach their full potential with the support of person centered planning and a trained staff team of support workers who strive for excellence in a caring, professional manner.

This quote gave me the "push" needed to re-start Nations Together, to support adults with learning difficulties in Tanzania, East Africa to live a valued and opportunity filled life.


They say that once you have been to Africa, she always calls you back!

I have to say this is so true for us...... Whilst in Tanzania I joined a team of dedicated people who visited and helped many adults and children with a disability, a vulnerable group of people who are at times classed as "demon possessed" sadly still a belief of current times, the "lucky" ones will be kept by their family in small clusters of houses, many told to go hide out of sight when a visitor arrives at the family home, the not so lucky are ostracized from family and whole communities, thrown out on the streets to fend for themselves, open to every kind of abuse imaginable.



Julius the young man headlining this website, had an informal diagnosis of Autism, he was found locked in a shed and given scraps of food, he was rescued by the organisation I previously volunteered for where he lived until he died, sadly the effects of his life and lack of nutrition for so long could not save him, Julius was a joy to be around, comical in a very literal way, he had a heart of gold and many said a “smile like an angel”, Julius quickly demonstrated that he could be as independent as anyone else he enjoyed his comradeship with others his own age and was beautiful with younger children


Julius’s life so sadly misunderstood is why Nations Together is on a mission to offer safety and opportunity to people with a learning difficulty in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania.... and that is where this story begins.


The Plan

So what is it we do?

Currently we provide for 17 Service Users with various levels of ability to attend an Activity Room one day per week.  For example Bahatti (Service User) is a young lady with Downs Syndrome, her Support Worker is Mama Mwanaishia who collects Bahati from her home every Monday to support her travelling to the Activity Room using local transport, Mama Mwanishia then supports Bahati to participate in activities she wants to offering appropriate levels of support in person centered ways, lunch is provided, Mama Mwanishia then supports Bahati to return home safely. 


The Activity Room has two coordinators Modesta and Gloria who ensure that the rooms are ready for when the ladies and gents arrive, their role is to provide a variety of activities which are educational, stimulating and fun.  Every week there is a different theme that the ladies and gents engage in such as: reptiles, massai, differences in houses, a colour, the weather etc.etc.  Modesta and Gloria prepare the activity, prepare lunch and snacks, and do all the housekeeping.  The activities include things like: dominoes, ker plunk, cards, connect four, memory games, knitting, hook a fish, dolls, reading corner, colouring, art and craft, football, singing.  Individual time is also spent working on numeracy and literacy.  We aim to offer IT skills in the near future.


The Activity Room offers the chance to experience many new things which aid Social Inclusion and friendship.


Nations Together also provides funds for monthly medication for three of our guys who have Epilipsy, without this support, medication would not be provided and seizures would be apart of thier daily lives.


The Future Plan


The plan for the future of Nations Together has adapted to the needs of the people we support.  From seeing the difference that the Activity Room has made in the lives of our service users we are now aiming to build a much larger day care facility which can be offered to many more adults with Learning Difficulties in the surrounding areas.


We have one and half acres of land to build a facility that offers a place of safety, opportunity, independence, builds self-esteem and confidence, and offers support with communication and behavioral techniques.


The Activity Centre will harvest the staple diet of maize, grow all its own vegetables and sunflowers for oil.  The service users will be involved with cooking, shopping, money management / budgeting for the running of the center.


The service users will be encouraged to show care and concern for animals, something they may have not witnessed in their lives, the Activity Centre will be a haven for abused animals, but also be a means of income or food from chickens, goats, or cows.


The Activity Centre will aim to host an adult size assault course / play ground to aid physical activity and host a variety of exercise and sports classes.


The aim will also be to provide Vocational Training, Numeracy and Literacy.





The Tanzanaian Team

The Tanzanian Team in training.


We now have 1 Community Support Worker Coordinator and 2 Activity Room Coordinators and 4 Community Support Workers - registration is in process for a Non-Governmental Organisation.



The Executive Committee of Nations Together

The Committee comprises of Service Users, Parents, Professionals with in the Social Care and Health sector and supporters of Nations Together

Support Workers and Coordinators

From left to right- Mwanaisha, Community Support Worker, Charles, Community Support Worker , Jenephar, Community Support Worker, Happiness, Community Support Worker,  Modesta, Activity Room Coordinator, Grace, Support Worker Coordinator

How can you help

   Set yourself a challenge


Could you set yourself a challenge to raise £100 to help support the wages of the Support Workers in Tanzania or the much needed funds to pay for transport for all Service Users to attend the Activity Room or experience new places such as going to the local town, swimming or visit the National Parks.

We are giving the date of the 1st January 2019 as the target date.

Could you sign up for this challenge :)


This can be raised in any way you like, holding a coffee morning, raffle, name cards, sponsored event or just a donation -

       Thanks so much

Your Events


We would really appreciate anyone raising funds to support our project, please let us know if you are and what you are doing :)


Ideas are:

Guess the wieght of a cake

Guess the baby's birth weight.

Name cards


Sponsored swim, silence, run, three legged walk, danceathon, sitting in a baked bean bath, chest wax, head shave etc.

Charity Ball

Charity Disco

Bingo night

Race night


Cake sale

Coffee mornings



Every penny/tanzanian shilling counts towards helping Nations Together provide support workers to enable and empower service users to be socially included, to experience new and exciting things and meet new friends.


To enable this to happen we need a regular source of income and so we are asking our supporters, you guys, if you would consider sponsoring our project by setting up a monthly payment of £3, £5, £10 or £20, what ever amount you feel you could offer.


We appreciate that personal situations change and so there is no contract for sponsorship just what you can give when you can give it, but just please let us know either way.     Thank you


Our Events


Auction of African goods  

Car boot sales


Coffee mornings


Summer Fun Day

Party night extravangaza

Race night


Details to follow on events.


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